Our fleet

We offer our customers only the best. That’s why our fleet consists only of premium class Mercedes-Benz cars, which are less than 3 years old. These vehicles have proven to be the most trustworthy due to their reliability, high performance and last but not least their dignified appearance.

Customers of 1 to 3 people who decide to use the services of our company can choose any car they like from the following options: E-Class Sedan, EQS Hatchback, GLE SUV and S-Class Sedan. We guarantee the perfect technical condition of all vehicles and carry out continuous maintenance at the highest level.
Our fleet also offers two types of minibuses, which are in demand among those clients who choose a group transfer. These are Mercedes-Benz EQV and Sprinter. The latter can accommodate up to 16 people, which makes it possible to comfortably accommodate even a very large group of travelers.

In addition to the above petrol fleet, we have the 2021 Mercedes-Benz EQS (seats 3 passengers) and Mercedes-Benz EQV (seats 7 passengers) premium electric cars. The cost of a trip on an electric car is the same as on gasoline cars of the same class. This option is best suited to those customers who advocate a sustainable lifestyle.
Interior disinfection after each client, medical masks, sanitizers and wet wipes in the car, as well as umbrellas and drinking water – all these little things make traveling with us truly enjoyable.


Pre-order transfer in Oslo

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