Business-class taxi in Oslo

Taxi services in Oslo are in demand not only among travelers going on vacation to this city or to neighboring resorts, but also among businessmen. Business class cars with chauffeurs in our company are booked by both foreigners and Norwegians living in other cities and coming to Oslo for various business events, as well as even by residents of Oslo itself. After all, conferences, seminars, solemn launches of projects are not the kind of events that one can arrive on foot, on a bicycle beloved by the Dutch, or in an ordinary taxi of a cheerful yellow color. A much better option is to order an unmarked business class taxi.

Status in business often determines success even more than real achievements in the field of entrepreneurship. A person who disregards conventions, such as business attire or the use of imposing cars, is unlikely to succeed. And even if an entrepreneur has a thriving business that is developing and generating a stable income, then all the more he cannot afford to lose his dignity in front of competitors. In this regard, business class taxi services in Oslo are indispensable for businessmen of any level. In addition, it is more profitable and more convenient than keeping cars on the balance sheet of the company, servicing them and hiring drivers.

New Mercedes-Benz not older than 3 years

All cars in our fleet belong to the Mercedes brand, they are black, no more than three years old. A team of highly qualified technicians keeps the vehicles in top condition. We care about the safety of our customers, this is our number one priority. In addition, we pay attention to all the little things that make our corporate clients have a positive experience when traveling with our drivers.


In each car there are bottles of clean drinking water, umbrellas, wet wipes. Our chauffeurs are well versed in etiquette, they are polite and tactful, wear black uniforms and are very punctual.

There is a proverb in Norway that a good business runs like clockwork. We believe that the services of our company are one of the important gears in this complex business process.

Order a business class taxi in Oslo

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