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Oslo Transfer

Choosing a company that provides a personal transfer to an unfamiliar city is a more responsible issue than it seems at first glance. Whether traveling to Oslo for work or leisure, our passengers trust us not only to get them from point A to point B, they trust us with their health and safety. We have been operating on the personal transfer market for 5 years and are constantly improving our service.

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Why book Oslo Transfer?

New cars

Our fleet consists of premium and business class Mercedes cars not older than 3 years.

Professional drivers

Our employees have all licenses and also speak English, German and other languages.

Favorable prices

We offer competitive taxi prices in Oslo and provide discounts for regular customers.

Anti-Covid measures

Every morning our drivers will do rapid tests for covid-19. All cars are treated with antiseptic.

Popular Services

Our range of services includes private transfers, corporate travel services, group transfers in Oslo and ski resorts, taxis in Oslo and beyond, transport services for diplomatic missions, events and much more.

Our motto is the highest standard in everything. Therefore, you don’t have to feel like a confused traveler who is looking for a bright yellow taxi near the airport or hotel. At the airport, you will be met with a nameplate by a driver dressed in a respectable suit, and you will arrive at the hotel in a premium-class car of normal color and without any taxi identification marks.


Driving Mercedes Benz premium and business class in Oslo and beyond.

Meeting at the airport

We will meet with a name plate and take you to your destination.

Sightseeing tour of Oslo

See all the sights of Oslo in one day.

Weddings cars

Transport service for weddings and events.

Chauffeurs Oslo

All our drivers are licensed professionals with extensive experience. Knowledge of Norwegian and English is a prerequisite for them when applying for a job. Quite a few of our drivers understand Swedish, since Norway has the closest cultural and social ties with this country, and Oslo has the most Swedish tourists. However, some of our drivers also speak German and Russian.

    Safety Covid-19

    Maintaining strict hygiene standards is not a very pleasant, but in the past three years, a more than desirable way to prevent infection with COVID-19. We are of the opinion that the health of our customers is always a priority. In this regard, we comply with all anti-epidemiological measures that are relevant for Norway at the moment. Every morning, drivers undergo highly sensitive rapid tests for COVID-19. If the result is positive, the driver is immediately suspended from work, and the car on which he worked is subjected to total disinfection. The car is treated with an antiseptic after each client, as well as at the end of each working day (the so-called major cleaning and disinfection of the interior).

    Each car has a sufficient supply of masks at all times. Our clients can use them if they wish, and for drivers they are a must-have accessory, thanks to which we can be sure that we don’t contribute to the spread of COVID-19 in Oslo and beyond.

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