How to get from Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL) to Trysil?


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People who have escaped on vacation and have chosen Norway as their holiday destination will almost certainly want to go to Trysil. This is the most famous Norwegian ski resort, attracting to its slopes both professionals who hone their skills, as well as ski lovers, as well as those who want to get to know all the delights of snow-capped mountains and valleys for the first time. Snow lies here almost all year round: from October to May. Nowhere in Europe does snow lie for so long! In the summer months, you can enjoy picturesque views and the cleanest air, filled with the aroma of pine and spruce needles, birdsong and the harsh beauty of the northern summer. Outdoor enthusiasts can raft and canoe down mountain rivers, take walks and horseback rides, join mountaineering and rock climbing.

how to get from gardermoen to trysil

For those tourists who appreciate an even mountain tan, it is best to come to Trysil in the spring, when the slopes of Mount Trysilfjellet are generously illuminated by the rays of the sun, and the risk of sunburn is close to zero. Trysil resort is located on the three slopes of Mount Trysilfjellet. According to local lore (almost all Norwegians are superstitious, even if they don’t consider themselves religious), the mountain forests are inhabited by a wide variety of spirits and creatures, including mountain trolls. When mountain trolls quarrel among themselves or want to harm people who do something bad to nature, avalanches occur. Of course, this legend is far from science, but there is no telling what could happen, and for the tourist’s own peace of mind, it is better not to break tree branches unnecessarily and, moreover, not to offend local animals.

Trysil: The Norwegian Treasury

By the way, those vacationers who want to be as close as possible to nature and sports can live in a cottage right on the mountain. Ski slopes start literally at the doorstep. Not so avid ski fans can stay in a hotel or cute houses in the old Norwegian style in the town of Trysil itself. This option will be optimal for those who want to be close to the bowling center, cinema, restaurants and nightclubs, dog and horse sled rentals.


How To Get from Oslo Airport to Trysil?

The nearest international airport to the Trysil resort is Gardermoen in Oslo. The distance from Oslo to Trysil is 160 km. The airport itself is located 48 km north of Oslo. 

3 ways

Some tourists get to Trysil directly from Gardermoen Airport, while others first make a stop in Oslo itself. Getting from Oslo to the airport is not a problem, there are four ways for travelers: by train, and the journey will take less than an hour, by bus (a little less than an hour and a half), by taxi and by private car (the trip will take about the same time as on train). Taxis are the most expensive option, so travelers without their own car are best served by train or bus. The route is operated by rail carriers Flytoget and Norwegian Railways (VY), bus carriers Ruter and Fly Bussen.

So, you are at Gardermoen Airport.

Your target is Trysil. More than a hundred kilometers is already a solid distance for Europe. However, there will be no difficulties in overcoming this path. Public transport in Norway has a well-deserved reputation for being comfortable and very punctual. In terms of strictly following the schedule, Norwegian planes, buses and trains are significantly superior to German punctuality. Scandinavians are much more disciplined, and any traveler can be sure that if he arrives at the bus stop or train station on time, the expected vehicle will arrive to the minute. 

There are three ways to get from Gardermoen to Trysil. The traveler can use the bus, train and bus, or choose a car (private or taxi).

Of course, the most convenient of them is to order a personal transfer in a comfortable car. So you do not have to adapt to the schedule of public transport and experience other inconveniences.


SHUTTLE. Directly from Gardermoen to Trysil, Trysil Express (Trysil-ekspressen) shuttle bus runs eight times a day. Route hours are from 8 am to 4 pm. Travel time is about 3 hours. The same distance is covered by a regular bus in 3 hours and 45 minutes. The advantages of express are obvious. It works every day, regardless of the time of year. You can board the express bus at Oslo Bus Terminal and Oslo Airport Gardermoen. During the trip, the express train makes several stops, some of which are relevant only in the winter season. The ticket price ranges from NOK 350 (€34.5 euros) to NOK 430 (€42). Price fluctuations depend on the time of day and season. Official sources prefer to quote the cost of the trip from Oslo to Trysil and back, along with a ski pass for the day.



BUS. Ordinary intercity bus No. 130 goes to Trysil, landing on which is carried out at the Oslo bus station and at the Gardermoen airport. Both the Trysil Express and this bus pass the town of Elverum along the way. Tourists can get to it from Oslo, from Olso bus station and from Gardermoen, in 2-2.5 hours and 35-45 EUR by buses No. 135 and No. 670. It is possible to get to this town by rail, with a transfer in Hamar. Travel time will be the same, 2-2.5 hours, the cost ranges from 35 to 50 EUR, depending on the conditions of booking and ticket purchase. Elverum and Trysil are connected by the so-called ski buses (mini-expresses).



CAR. The traveler can also get from Gardermoen Airport to Trysil by car. The journey will take about 4 hours. With a private car, this is a great way to enjoy the scenic drive through coniferous forests, rolling hills and tidy towns. However, a taxi will be quite expensive, about NOK 910 (€90). Another less obvious option is to use a travel companion search service, but tourists heading to Trysil usually carry quite a lot of luggage with them, so this is not the most convenient variant. If the traveler has an international driver’s license, you can also use the car rental service. This is not a cheap pleasure, but to be driving a car moving along a picturesque road to Norway’s most attractive resort is an invaluable pleasure for a car enthusiast. Traffic on the E6 and Rv25 roads, which runs from Gardermoen to Trysil, is moderate or even weak depending on the time of day, so the traffic situation will not distract the driver from the contemplation of the beauties of Norwegian nature.

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